Get a full dev
environment in
under 30 seconds.

Get rid of expensive staging servers,
resource-intensive virtual machines,
and time-consuming local installations.

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Step 1

Define your app.

Add a bowery.json file to your local source code that says what stack you need. No need to install any of that software locally or run any virtual machines.

  "api": {
    "image": "node",
    "path": ".",
    "start": "node app.js",
    "build": "npm install"
  "database": {
    "image": "mongodb"

Step 2

Connect to Bowery.

Type bowery connect in your terminal. We'll upload your source, then build and run your code. We sync your changes as you make them.

bowery connect
Hey there, Zach. Connecting you to Bowery now...
Creating new Application...
Connected. Syncing file changes.
This service is available at

Step 3

Share & Collaborate.

Share your stack with co-workers so they can start working immediately. Share links with others at the company and see what co-workers are working on.

Auto-deploy on file changes.

Use the same text editor and terminal as normal. Bowery watches for file changes and will automatically run your code at a remote URL, so you get the same experience as developing locally.

Share images instantly with anyone.

Anyone at the company can create an image with any software that runs on Linux. Once they save it, anyone else at the company can immediately begin working with that image.

No shared staging or databases.

Everyone at the company gets their own dev environment and their own version of the database. No more using shared databases where one model change affects everyone.

See what everyone is working on.

View all images and applications currently in use across your company. Click on any developer to see what he or she is working on.

Trusted by the best.

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